Edict – a poem by Karina Tynan










I dreamed of a cow up to her knees in brown water and a bull 

on a high hill, hooves planted deep and able for all winds.

Bulging from his forehead was a sacred horn full of rightness

and foreboding; the enemy of all the mystics in the world.


The cow stayed on in the water. Weeds grew up around her 

until she became a parody of herself. 

Centuries came, millenniums; everything stayed the same 

until the sacred horn was emptied of all presentiment, 


until the earth cracked, weeds spread their seeds, anomalous and strange,

squalled into a brand new day where a small bird flew from cow to bull 

and sang a song not heard in all their certain years. 

A small bird sang that all she knew was she still flew.


The retellings and poems on this site are my own work and copyrighted to me so please ask before using elsewhere.

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