About TÁIN

TÁIN: The Women’s Stories
Retellings by Karina Tynan with illustrations by Kathy Tynan

Táin is a collection of mythic stories covering the territory of the great epic, Táin Bó Cúailnge from the Ulster Cycle of Irish Mythology that are told from the perspectives of the women. While each story is a stand-alone piece, they all play their part in giving a sense of the complete tale. Poetically retold and intuitively illustrated, the stories capture the hearts and souls of the women, bringing them alive in a deeply personal way, through a backdrop of death and slaughter.

Kathy Tynan
Kathy Tynan (b.1984) makes paintings which typically depict details and particularities of urban and domestic scenes. Her direct and energetic approach to the painted surface favours liveliness over correctness of representation. While her paintings are figurative, the real subject matter of her work is the moment of encounter within the everyday when the ordinary or usually overlooked becomes illuminated.

Kathy is represented by Kevin Kavanagh Gallery, Dublin

Bard Mythologies
Bard Mythologies is the creation of Sandy Dunlop and Ellen O’Malley Dunlop. It grew out of a recovered practice of telling the Irish traditional stories in the oral form by a skilled storyteller, the Bard. At the Bard events the old stories are explored and excavated and they never disappoint to deliver wisdoms which can be applied in our  contemporary world. Since 1995 the Annual Bard Summer Schools has been held on Clare Island Co. Mayo. Bard Mythologies also delivers further immersions in the Irish Mythic stories via Zoom workshops.